Everything you wanted to know about headshots..

I thought I would write a few basic guidelines for folks thinking about getting their headshots done, what preparation is needed and some other tips.   But then..  there's so much information already available, so I have decided to simply post a couple of links to some great resources on the subject.  One of them is a blog of a fellow headshot photographer Jessica Pettyjohn: http://www.headshots101.com/.   It's geared towards actors, but anyone will find a ton of useful information there.  

Photographing Rock Bands

This was definitely a new experience for me, so when a friend asked me to photograph their band during a local Octoberfest festival I have agreed immediately, although, honestly, I didn't know what to expect.. For example, I didn't know the venue.  I didn't know how far or how close I would be shooting from, how much light it would be available, etc..  So to cover all the bases, I took 3 lenses with me- a wide zoom, a 23mm F1.4 prime and a 55-200mm telephoto..   In the end, everything worked out fine.  I used the telephoto during band performance and the 23mm for some band portraits.   The stage was outside in the harsh sunlight with some spotty shadows from the nearby trees, so while not ideal, it was way better to photograph it than if it were inside some school auditorium, for example.    The band names pictured:  The Zen Rebels , Dr. Fuzz.